EMDFA 401 is a multifunctional additive that enhances the quality of heavy fuel oil when used in marine engine applications for the shipping industry. The product has been conceived and formulated to address live problems experienced by users of rich fuel oil at slow-speed or medium-speed engines.

In 2003, the International Council on Combustion Engines (CIMAC) India conducted a user survey to identify quality problems engine users of heavy fuel oil experienced.

The findings of this survey have played a significant part in the design and formulation of EMDFA 401.

Why EMDFA 401?

EMDFA 401 is the perfect balancing component for both slow- and medium-speed engines.

Some of the main benefits provided by EMDFA 401

Improved engine efficiency
Elimination of operating irritants such as rack jamming and filter choking
Reduced emissions and sludge formation
Significantly lower maintenance costs


EMDFA 401 trials were conducted on stationery and medium-speed engines using heavy fuel oil, achieving an efficiency improvement of over 5%.

EMDFA 401 Dosage

The recommended dosage of the EMDFA 401 additive is 400 ppm or 1 litre of additive for 2500 litres of fuel. However, for initial use, the cleanup phase, we recommend a dosage of 1000 ppm or 1 litre of additive for 1000 litres of power for 250 hours.

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