Infrared thermography provides a handy condition monitoring tool for audit, which can contribute significantly to energy savings in refinery furnaces and boilers.

Services of a comprehensive condition monitoring audit with an infra-red camera and most notably, with the expertise of an experienced refinery inspection engineer.

This covers insulation survey, heat exchanger survey, air leakages in the furnace, flame impingement, heat flux imbalance, skin temperature monitoring, identification of coke deposits, thermo couple validation, refractory condition, tube damage, heavy metal deposits, etc.

A precise and timely diagnosis using an excellent tool will be valuable in addressing safety and energy conservation objectives.

An infrared thermography audit is a significant diagnostic tool that precisely identifies issues/aspects that require correction and can lead to significant energy efficiency improvement in the furnace and energy savings.

With the audit, somebody can additionally do a three-day training of about five engineers from your refinery.

The audit will include, as a deliverable, a comprehensive report including copies of the infrared photographs, the experts' comments, the analysis and the recommended corrective action where necessary.

Once the experts organise a comprehensive audit and training, the refinery will be completely equipped to regularly develop its condition monitoring audit using the already available Infra Red camera.

Even in the best-operated and maintained furnaces, we have often encountered periodical concerns of high skin temperatures, hot spots, etc. Often, these are due to burner coking, tilted flames, flame impingement on tubes/refractory, heat flux imbalance, tube side coking, heavy metal deposits on the fireside, etc.

In India, Hindustan Mittal Energy Refinery, Bathinda, has successfully and satisfactorily conducted an Infrared Thermography technical audit in their furnaces.

Benefits: Higher Speed of Loading

When catalyst change needs to be done and time is critical, implying more extended production loss, Densicat contributes immense value by a much faster loading rate than any other form of dense loading.

Temperature Ripples – Pressure Drop Evolution

The significant benefit during reactor operation is the utilisation of the entire catalyst surface area reflected in much lower temperature ripples (+/- 1°C) across the reactor cross-section and a much slower evolution of pressure drop.



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