EMDFA 200 is a multifunctional diesel additive that is a flagship product of Total Energies. It is a revolutionary solution to optimise the performance and efficiency of your diesel-powered vehicles.

Designed to be a cutting-edge additive, it enhances fuel quality engine performance and reduces exhaust emissions.

TotalEnergies produce EMDFA 200.

Some of the main benefits provided by EMDFA 200

Reduction of fuel consumption
Reduction in exhaust emissions
Better drivability
Protection against corrosion

Solution for Optimal Combustion

EMDFA 200 diesel additive is the ultimate solution for maximising the performance of a diesel engine. This advanced technology is designed for better atomisation, leading to the complete combustion of fuel, resulting in enhanced fuel efficiency and reduction in emission.

EMDFA 200 contains a detergent which cleans injectors and enhances atomisation efficiency. It includes a cetane number improver to improve the self-ignition quality of diesel, resulting in improved fuel combustion. The corrosion inhibitors protect the entire fuel system against corrosion and dust.

Recommendations & Approvals:

EMDFA 200 diesel additive has undergone rigorous testing and has received certifications from top industry bodies like the American Petroleum Institute, and fuel additives are recommended by ‘The Worldwide Fuel Charter’.

EMDFA 200 results during endurance test:

  • EMDFA 200 recorded a Flow Loss of just 15% against a limit of 85% allowable under the time-tested, well-established test method of the CEC PF 023 ( XUD 9 ) Test.
  • The latest test method of the DW10 Fuel Injector Fouling Test indicated zero power loss with EMDFA 200 as against the 2% loss max limit.
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