ADON D Super is a new-generation diesel additive based on TotalEnergies research in its premium fuel program. It is an advanced fuel treatment designed to improve the performance and efficiency of diesel engines.

It is a highly effective additive formulated to address common problems in a diesel engine – like a fouled injector leading to poor combustion, increased emissions and reduced power. ADON D Super is based on the same technology as additives used in Excellium, a premium fuel of TotalEnergies, used at their fueling stations across Europe.

ADON D Super is produced by TotalEnergies and marketed by Indian Oil Corporation Limited through their retail outlets across India with an exclusive collaboration agreement with TotalEnergies.

Why ADON D Super?

This additive contains a powerful detergent dispersant that helps keep the entire fuel system, including injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers, pristine and free from harmful deposits.

Some of the main benefits provided of ADON D Super

Increase in mileage by about 6%
Less driving fatigue, better pickup
Smoother running of engine
Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants

Trials & Certification:

ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology) is an Apex body under the Ministry of Heavy Industries. ADON D Super has been tested and certified by ICAT after an endurance test for three months with 11 trucks. With the usage of this additive, a fuel efficiency of 6.28% was achieved. ADON D Super is a product sold through IOCL retail outlets across India.

ADON D Super Dosage:

The additive will be used at a dosage of 1000 ppm (parts per million), i.e. 1ml additive for 1 litre of diesel.

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