ADON P is a premium fuel economy multifunctional gasoline additive designed by TotalEnergies based on the research experience accumulated over many years.

It includes innovative components developed by TotalEnergies. It represents a complete, safe and modern solution for retail distribution.

Furthermore, it meets all the performance improvement and no harm requirements based on international standard test methods.


ADON P is a fully synthetic and ashless formulation (phosphorus, halogen and metals free) designed to provide engine cleanliness in all engine technologies and all gasoline fuel blends, including ethanol. The additive can help clean and lubricate various engine components, such as fuel injectors and valves, which can positively impact the engine's overall performance.

Some of the main benefits provided by ADON P are

Removal of Carburetor and Injector deposits providing a clean fuel system
Friction reduction benefit with the Friction Modifier
Reduction of smoke emissions and fuel consumption
Protection against Corrosion

Solutions to Problems of Deposits & Incomplete Combustion:

  • A cost-effective option to overcome problems caused by deposits, ADON P ensures proven deposit control performance.

  • It provides ‘clean up’ and ‘keep clean’ performance in the combustion chamber, intake valve and injectors.

  • Reduces combustion chamber deposits, thereby reducing Octane Requirement.

Recommendations & Approvals

It has been certified by the Ministry of Industries, France that the use of ADON P does not damage the engine or the environment. It is an ashless product and does not contain any metallic constituents. The Automobile Manufacturers Association of the UK has approved the additive to meet all technical requirements of gasoline.

ADON P Dosage

At the regular dosage of 1000 ppm, i.e.1 ml in 1-litre of petrol.

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