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In addition to dense loading activities, PETROVAL has developed a new machine to unload reactor, the CATFLOW®. It is used to unload catalyst through horizontal dump nozzles. The machine creates a fluidized region inside the horizontal dump pipe, and the catalyst is able to flow by applying a delta P over the pipe. The CATFLOW® increases the safety, the rapidity and the quality.


The CATFLOW® was developed by PETROVAL's engineers with the objective to unload the catalyst without workers intervening inside the reactor. Also, the CATFLOW® reduces the risk of air entry and self-ignition of catalyst. This unloading method permits to achieve a high level of safety on site.


The CATFLOW® system has an unloading rate comprise between 10m3 and 12m3 per hour. The installation requires only 1 hour and the machine is easy to handle. Consequently, the time savings are significant.


Thanks to the free flowing of catalyst, the CATFLOW® limits the catalyst breakage and attrition, and improves the quantity and quality of the recovered catalyst.